Our Team

Innovative design – young dynamic team

VAGNBYS is a young and upcoming design label with a truly Scandinavian design heritage. The name VAGNBYS goes back to a 3 generation long tradition in design and is now successfully represented by Marcus Vagnby – one of the young, upcoming design stars of Denmark.

At the heart of VAGNBY’s design portfolio is the love for exclusive, stylish yet functional wine and table accessories. We aim to becoming one oft he leading brands for functional wine & table accessories

In Europe, VAGNBYS is represented by a young & dynamic team establishing the brand and distribution all across Europe. We are always on the look fort he best partners to grow VAGNBYS in Europe.

Design by Markus Vagnby

Firmly constructed objects, beautiful in shape and effective for its purpose

Add ideas exceeding shape and function, and good design is created. Danish industrial designer Marcus Vagnby shows with minimalist aesthetics how mind, Function and materials go up in synthesis. This is experimental modern design in its use of materials and is often inspired by genuine necessity. His design maintains elements of surprise and deep intellectual beauty, because it relies more on invention than on the development of styles. Vagnbys products are made for the modern and conscious consumers who wants a modern home where style and elegance is of high priority.

Vagnbys Europe?

Our successful and growing network

Are you interested in our products or even becoming an agent or distributor yourself? Here you can find our network of agents and distribution across Europe.

We are in the process of enlarging our representation and are always on the look fort he best partners.

Feel free to contact us: nicole@vagnbys.de.