Champagne at its Perfection

This 3 piece set is the best friend of every champagner lover: it opens, decants, serves without dripping and seals the liquid gold.

The Champagne Twister effortlessly uncorks champagne and sparkling wines.
The 4‐legged design captures and loosens pressurized corks with a simple twist.
Latches to the cork and reduces the danger of flying corks.
The designers play with the shape of the champagne cork has become a piece of modern art of high quality.

The Champagne Pourer ensures controlled pouring, minimal loss of the precious champagne bubbles, as well as a perfect no–‐drip feature.

The Champagner Stopper eliminates waste by preserving the flavour and finish of previously opened bottles of champagne.
Champagne bottles should be sealed with a stopper in order to keep the champagne bubbles and prevent oxygen from getting into, and spoiling the content.

Made of aluminium alloy, stainless steel, TPR and ABS.